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CrossWorlds Health Care Professionals (CWHCP) is an independent, non-for-profit, multi-stakeholder think tank. It is a professional membership society for senior professionals in all areas of expertise within the healthcare ecosystem. CWHCP is open to individuals serving research institutes, healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, life sciences and health industries, payers, EU and national regulators across Europe. Mission The mission of the CWHCP is to provide a forum in which professionals working for different stake holders in the healthcare ecosystem can contribute to reframe the health innovation and care value chain to enhance individuals’ health benefits and the system global efficiency. We are committed to facilitating multi-stakeholder initiatives through knowledge sharing, research, practical recommendations and dissemination to a wider public. CWHCP is conducting breakfast/lunch debates and workshops with its members in Brussels, London and Paris. Some events are open to a wider audience.
About CrossWorlds Health Care Professionals
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