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Mai 4-5, Berlin
April 9-16, Hawaii
In-depth research on “Optimizing collaborations between Research & Care community and Industry” Considering best practices in other sectors (aeronautics, automotive, High-tech…) and the needs to accelerate transformations throughout the Health Value Chain, CWHCP launched a pan-European research involving more than 100 experts to uncover best practices and opportunities for multi-stakeholder joint initiatives. The research highlights a number of opportunities to make research and development more fruitful and improve management of conditions to the best interest of individuals and society. CWHCP organized a lunch debate involving the 6 renowned experts who guided the research to share preliminary results on January 17, 2011. To get the Press Release (French version), please clic here A position paper will be released in April 2011
Mai 16-17, Berlin
Patient adherence, Communications and Engagement Summit
Developing joint initiatives to support translational research A lunch debate is scheduled in June 2011
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Mai 31 - June 1, Berlin
June 3-7, Chicago
For more information : Contact: Valery LABONNE
Improving chronic conditions management through appropriate use of Health Information Technologies A series of workshops involving patients groups, technology and healthcare providers are currently organized. Contact CWHCP to participate in next sessions
Thematic program 2010-2011:
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